Life can be a bit frenetic. To slow things down, try these 3 simple ways to stress less:

  1. Walk it out. Walking eases tension in muscles, helps arthritis and lifts mood. So walk more during the day- at lunchtime, after work, around the shops and with your dog- if you have one. Even 10 minutes of extra walking squeezed in a day will help you stress less. Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes 5 times a week but build up slowly if you haven’t exercised for a while
  2. Cut down on stimulants that may make you feel more energetic for a short time but in the long run leave you feeling wired and tired. Reduce or cut out coffee, alcohol and sweet treats like chocolate, lollies, biscuits and cake. Swap for soothing herbal teas like lemon balm, chamomile or peppermint and snacks of fruit and nuts.
  3. When things get hard, focus on your breathing. Sit down- or even better lie down- and take long, slow, deep breaths until the world seems like a better place.