Sight is considered one of the most precious of the senses. So what can we do to protect it?black-currant-bush

In the modern world, eye related complaints such as eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes and visual fatigue are becoming increasingly common in younger generations due to hours of staring at a computer, television screen or computer games.

Plant-based medicines are a rich source of antioxidants that are beneficial for maintaining the integrity of the delicate components of the eye. For example the small dark fruit of blackcurrant is rich in important antioxidants to support eye health , reduce the symptoms of visual strain and help prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.

So make sure to eat antioxidant rich foods every day such as vibrantly coloured fruits and vegetables such as berries, beetroot and capsicum.

Other simple measure you can take to help protect your eyesight are:

• Maintain a healthy weight -being overweight increases the chances of high blood pressure and diabetes, which are both risk factors for vision loss.

• Quit smoking- this  increases the amount of free radicals which are detrimental for eye health. • Make the time to visit your Optometrist regularly to keep a check on your eye health and ensure your glasses or contact lenses are suitable for your current needs.

• Wear sunglasses and a hat as the sun’s ultra violet rays can damage the eyes and increase the risk of macular degeneration and vision loss.

• Reduce visual fatigue and eye strain by taking regular breaks away from the computer or television screen.

Wellness consults can be booked on this website if you’d like to find out  more about keeping your eyesight sharp and optimising your health naturally.