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 Ask about Health fund rebates for massage and nutrition consults.

10% discount for seniors and unwaged.


  • Relaxation massage  Massage to rejuvenate your body and mind.reflexology

  • Remedial massage To help problem areas- can include deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, acupressure and stretching

  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage  A very gentle, detoxifying and energising massage to help drain lymphoedema and reduce the swelling in the body sometimes experienced after lymph node removal. Please get written consent from your doctor first if you are having ongoing medical treatment.

  • Hot stone massage You may wish to experience the deep therapeutic effect of hot stone massage which melts away muscular aches and pains and induces a profound sense of relaxation.

  • Head, Face and Foot Rejuvenation Massage Using acupressure and lymph drainage, to make you feel and look younger and fresher plus a foot scrub and massage- a blend of essential oils, coconut oil and sea salt (made locally) relaxes and softens your feet so they feel fresh as a baby’s

  • Detox massage  This includes body brushing and manual lymphatic drainage massage plus either a relaxation or remedial massage to remove toxins by activating sluggish lymphatic systems, increasing circulation and helping improve skin tone with a foot scrub to finish.

  • Relax, Rest & Revive  Start your treatment with either a 60 minute hour or luxurious 90 minute relaxation or remedial massage. Once your massage is complete, you will be left to soak up the effects of the massage and to rest for ten bliss-filled minutes.

    When you awake from your slumber and are ready, you will be greeted with a reviving herbal tea of your choice to ease yourself back into reality. We have a wide range of teas from Algologie Vitality seaweed and mint to exclusive white teas with their subtle aroma.

  • Foot reflexology   Ancient foot treatment to balance the energies of the body and leave you feeling  refreshed and revitalised

  • Ear candling   An American Indian  traditional treatment of the ears combined with manual lymphatic  drainage of the face. May help clear wax and sinuses and is a relaxing and enjoyable  experience

Wellness & Nutrition

  • Comprehensive natural health consultation

This may include iridology, blood pressure and body composition weighing ( % fat, muscle and bone) plus a zinc tally depending on your needs.

pestle & mortar 2Additional pathology testing is also available including  hair tissue mineral analysis (to test heavy metal contamination, mineral balance and thyroid and adrenal function), food intolerances and salivary hormone levels plus more.

Treatments can be individualised to suit  your health needs and budget.

A wide variety of conditions can be helped including  arthritis, high blood pressure and cholesterol, menopause, menstrual problems,  skin complaints, digestive problems, mood and energy disorders, stress, allergies plus more…

Wellness review and Massage Combineddried herbs

  • Comprehensive natural health consult with relaxation or remedial massage ( see details above)

  • Short natural health consultation with half an hour relaxation or remedial massage

    ( see details above)