Do you want to wake up in the morning and bounce out of bed?

Here are 5 ways to increase your energy and decrease your biological age:

1. Exercise reduces your risk of diabetes, stroke, cancer and even dementia. Also regular exercise has been found to be the most effective way to improve long term mental health. If possible, aim for half an hour walking a minimum of 5 days a week. Start slowly, build up gradually and enjoy the feeling.

2. Become more flexible mentally by changing your habits and hobbies: drive to work a different route, learn a new language, take up a new sport or past time- the possibilities are limitless…

3. Eat more raw food- i.e. fresh, uncooked vegetables preferably organic. An easy way to do this is to have a big salad every day filled with dark green, leafy salad leaves plus red, orange and yellow vegetables. If you digestion is weak, try lightly steaming vegetables first.

4. Relax into healing- try yoga, tai chi or meditation. A great way to start is to try yoga nidra, guided relaxation-and sink into a deep state of peace. Yoga Vic do a great CD that I recommend- ring them on (03) 5345 7434 and ask for the Antar Mouna Yoga Nidra CD by the Australian swami-.

5. Fill your life with gratitude and cultivate optimism. Negative emotions like anger and resentment deplete us of energy and while we need to recognise these emotions and not suppress them, it is possible to reprogramme your mind to a more positive outlook. One way is to ask better questions: “ How can I be happier?” “What would give me more energy?” “ How can I cope with this”. Affirmations have helped many turn their lives around -with Louise Hay’s Book You Can Heal Your Life” being a classic.

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