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Sarah Isaacs is an ATMS registered naturopath, herbalist, nutritionist & remedial massage therapist - and the owner of Natural Health Focus. She has degrees in medicine and neuroscience and worked as a doctor in both the UK and Australia before studying natural medicine.

After working as a natural health practitioner in Far North Queensland for more than a decade, Sarah opened her wellness clinic four years ago. She is now also offering consults online and via the phone.

' I hope the health tips on this website will entertain you and support you on your journey to health.

'My own journey- both to health and to becoming a natural health practitioner - has been an unusual one. I originally trained as a doctor, then later as a naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist. Now more recently, after many years of meditation, I have become a mindfulness and meditation teacher.

'So my approach to health is to combine the traditional wisdom of herbal medicine and wholefoods with scientifically validated treatments - and then add a pinch of mindfulness.

'As a child, I had gut issues which lasted until I discovered yoga and wholefoods. By changing my whole way of eating and living, these issues resolved. This left me pain-free for the first time in my life.

'Later, as a busy and stressed out junior doctor, a ten day, silent retreat introduced me to an inner stillness I had never experienced before. This started me meditating regularly.

'Now my passion is to share these simple ways of healing- and living- with others.

'For example, the Mindful Eating programme combines good nutrition with mindfulness techniques to help control food cravings and allow healthy habits to form.

'All health programmes and consults are listed below and see services for more details.

'If this is of interest to you, just book a free 15 minute health chat on the Natural Health Focus website. Then we talk together about how to improve your health.'

When she is not working, Sarah enjoys yoga, gardening and photographing the wildlife in her area in the beautiful Kuranda region near Cairns in far North Queenland, Australia.

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