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Mindful Eating Programme

A Month of Mindful Eating

This is ideal if you would like to lose weight safely and for the long term. In this month you will be find out how to eat in a way that brings you joy and keeps you healthy.

Price includes :

  • daily support with EatRightNow app to help break bad habits ( designed by Dr Jud, the renowned US psychiatrist and neuroscientist ).
  • weekly support with nutritionist and naturopath Sarah Isaacs - either face to face in Mareeba or online.
  • your own individualised food & lifestyle plan and diary with advice on nutrition and portion size.
  • mindfulness exercises.
  • a final maintenance plan to keep you on track.

(Please note: nutritional supplements and/ or herbs are not included in this price. The best supplements for you - if any are advised- will be decided in your first consult and vary from individual to individual.)

You can book the entire Month of Mindful Eating - or just book each appointment as you go:

  • An initial Food for Health consult
  • Three follow up appointments each 30 minutes long
  • A final 45 minute Food for Health consult to design your maintenance plan.

Longer Mindful Eating programmes are also available. If you are feel you need longer term help, book a Food for Health consult initially and then we can decide which amount of time would suit you best.

What is a Mindful Eating Programme?

Most of us try many diets, may or may not lose weight- and then put it all back on again. The Mindful Eating programs are different. By learning mindfulness techniques, you will gain the tools to understand what drives your eating- and how to use mindfulness to control your cravings.

Will I need to fast or severely reduce my food?

No, on this programme you will be listening to your body and eating when you feel hunger-and stopping eating when you feel full. Your meals will be well balanced, nutritious food so that your body feels satisfied- and you will learn to tell the difference between true hunger and cravings.

Will I be eating meal substitutes?

No, you will eat proper, wholesome food and have individualised advice from nutritionist Sarah Isaacs about this.

If you have any questions, you can

  • phone Sarah at Natural Health Focus in Australia on 07 4085 0054 ( from overseas 0061 7 4085 0054) or
  • book a free 15 minute health chat. Sarah will then contact you at a time that suits you best.

Sarah Isaacs, Naturopath

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