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Mindful Eating Programmes

There are 3 Mindful Eating programmes:

How can I book a Mindful Eating Programme?

You can book the entire Month of Mindful Eating - or just book each appointment as you go. It includes 5 weekly consults:

  • An initial Food for Health consult
  • Three follow up appointments each 30 minutes long
  • A final 45 minute Food for Health consult to design your maintenance plan.

For the longer programmes, book a Food for Health consult initially and then we can decide which amount of time would suit you best.

All Mindful Eating Programmes include:

  • weekly support
  • your own individualised food & lifestyle plan and diary with advice on nutrition and portion size
  • mindfulness exercises
  • a final maintenance plan to keep you on track

What is a Mindful Eating Programme?

Most of us try many diets, may or may not lose weight- and then put it all back on again. The Mindful Eating programs are different. By learning mindfulness techniques, you will gain the tools to understand what drives your eating- and how to use mindfulness to control your cravings.

Will I need to fast or severely reduce my food?

No, on this programme you will be listening to your body and eating when you feel hunger-and stopping eating when you feel full. Your meals will be well balanced, nutritious food so that your body feels satisfied- and you will learn to tell the difference between true hunger and cravings.

Will I be eating meal substitutes?

No, you will eat proper, wholesome food and have individualised advice from a nutritionist about this.

If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you. You can

  • phone me in Australia on 07 4085 0054 ( from overseas 0061 7 4085 0054) or
  • book a free 15 minute health chat. I will then contact you at a time that suits you best.

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