Free 15-minute Health Chat

If you haven't used our services before - or are a regular and have a query - you can book a free 15-minute Health Chat with naturopath & nutritionist Sarah Isaacs.

Find out what service is best with you - or just ask for free, confidential advice.

Food for Health Consult $115

One hour consult with nutritionist focused on food and eating habits. Combines nutritional counselling with mindfulness techniques to combat cravings. Can be a one off consult or part of a Mindful Eating programme

Wellness Review $115

One hour consult with naturopath to optimise your health and support healing from medical conditions. The one hour Wellness Review is also the first consult for book to start on a wellness programme such as:

Mini Wellness review $75

30 minute consult suitable for children and simple, acute health issues if you are not on medication.

Please ring Natural Health Focus on (07) 4085 0054 to book a discounted appointment or if you are confused about which service to book. You could also book a free health chat with naturopath & nutritionist Sarah Isaacs.