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Natural Stress Relief: Valerian

One of the most relaxing herbs, valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a great way to ease tension in stressful times.

Five Ways to Boost Immunity

How to Fight Colds and Flu Why do some people get sick often whereas others seldom ever get a cold or the 'flu? Two things are involved: how strong our immune system is and how much we are exposed to infection. Limiting our and others' exposure to infection is relatively simple and involves all the […]

How Mindful are You?

Mindfulness quiz to help you assess how present you are in your life- and to track your progress with mindfulness.

5 Ways to Beat the Tropical Heat

As the temperatures rise, it's a great time to enjoy one of the many water holes and creeks in the Far North. However at home or at work, it can be challenging to keep cool. Here are 5 ways to help you stay cool and enjoy the summer: 1. Drink more It's a great idea […]

How to Succeed on the Change Pathway

Moving from Despair to Being Mindfully Motivated When I started to learn how to drive, I thought I would never succeed. There was so much to learn and to do – all at the same time. I failed my first driving test and wondered if it was worth  trying again. However things changed. I was […]

A Cool and Calm Menopause

Drinking six to eight glasses of cool water flavoured with a slice of lemon or lime tastes good and boosts our vitamin C levels, increasing energy levels and mood. Food rich in phytonutrients such as lentils and chickpeas or tempeh help balance oestrogen levels. So having meals that include these twice to three times a […]

Herbs for Health : Tulsi

Tulsi or sacred basil- traditional remedy for coughs, fevers and more...

Healthy Eyes Naturally

How we can protect our eyesight

Neck and Shoulder Stretches

How to gently stretch out neck and shoulder aches and pains

Easing Arthritis

How to relieve pain and move with ease

5 Ways to Gain Energy

Find out how to increase your energy and slow down ageing

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

How to relax when things get tough

Clever Computer Use

How to set up your computer to minimise strain on your body

Stretching to Avoid Injury

Ways to improve flexibility with stretching.

Food for Health: Garlic

A wealth of medicinal benefits in one easy-to-grow plant.

Mindful Breathing

A five minute mindfulness exercise focusing on breathing

Strong Bones

Tips for developing stronger bones through better nutritional and lifestyle choices.

Making Peace with Food

Eating is about more than ingesting nutrients. Here are some techniques to get the most out of your food.

Stretch Out Your Back

A few stretches to help you maintain flexibility..

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